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3 Generations & 70 Years of Passion

Bijouterie Veronneau was established in 1950 by its founder, Mr. Gaston Veronneau and is one of the biggest names in jewelry in the south shore of Montreal. In 2010, it came time for Mr. Veronneau to retire. The torch was then passed to an experienced, talented and well known jeweler, Mr. Francois Kelendji,

Mr. Kelendji has been in the jewelry business for 40 years while sharing his work ethic with his 4 children, all clocksmiths and jewelers, who continue to pursue and build their passion along side him. After taking over Bijouterie Veronneau, changing its name was considered, but was eventually left as is in order to both pay tribute and honor Mr. Veronneau for his years of hard work and dedication, while also continuing its long standing, solid reputation . Having solid roots in Montreal with owning and operating Bijouteire Diplomate, the Kalendji family is proud to expand its business while bringing its passion and knowledge for jewelry to the wonderful city of Longueuil.

Exceeding customer expectations and building customer relationships is the number one priority to the Kelendji family. Mr. Kelendji, who discovered his passion for jewelry through his grandfather and father, lives by the words, "treat others how you want to be treated." This has led to a 40 year career in every aspect of the jewelry field including: custom jewelry, jewelry maintenance, clock repair and jewelry repair. Bijouterie Veronneau prides itself on offering incredible customer service and high-quality products at the best prices.

We are a family run business and we truly believe that a piece of jewelry is not just a beautiful gift, it's a symbol of affection and love and in many ways, immortalizes moments with your family and loved ones. Whether you want to bring a custom jewelry idea to life, purchase one of our beautiful pieces in inventory or need your jewelry or clock serviced, Bijouterie Veronneau is the ideal place. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit us in person!

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From custom jewelry, watches, rings and necklaces to jewelry repair, maintenance and jewelry appraising, we do it all!

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